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 UnpluggedToaster - lvl 33

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PostSubject: UnpluggedToaster - lvl 33   Sat Nov 12, 2011 2:03 am

Grettings Krak clan!

I am a level 33 Cylon on Canceron by the name of "UnpluggedToaster" and I have been looking for a wing just like this for a long time now! I was preparing everything to start my own but I don't have enough time, so I figure I can just help this one if you'll have me. Smile

I fly my War Raider mostly, but I also use my Fenrir from time to time for mining and OP bashing. I equip my War Raider with 4x SR Cannons (+Critical hit) currently at around level 7-8, 2 Hull Plates and 3 Gyro's (sometimes switch for boosters, depends on what I'm doing). 1 Damage Buff, 1 Evasion Buff and 1 Speed/Turning Buff.

Personally I'm a web designer living in Spain but natively English. I can offer the clan my help now and then, for example here is the crest I designed for the wing I was planning:

I'll change the text and we can use it for Krak. :p

I usually have lots of work to do so can't play 24/7, but I can usually get on for at least an hour a day most days.

Thanks for reading,
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PostSubject: Re: UnpluggedToaster - lvl 33   Sat Nov 12, 2011 6:24 am

You sound brilliant to me greeny apply in game to the wing when you get a chance and we will get you all sorted out. BTW don't worry about play times i'm always saying to the guys when online Real life is more important than internet spaceships.
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UnpluggedToaster - lvl 33
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